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Central Texas Metal Roofing Supply Co., Inc. is a leading manufacturer of exposed fastener and standing seam metal roof and wall systems. Since 1985, CTMRS has provided the highest quality products and the best service to architects, contractors, and home owners alike.

With this website we want to provide you with information to help you learn about the benefits of metal roofing from it's superior weathertightness to the energy efficiency and other environmental benefits that make a CTMRS metal roof system hard to beat.

NEW! Roof Top Rollforming

CTMRS now has on-site, on-roof job site rollforming capibilities for standing seam panels. With our specially built Hi-lift Rollforming truck capable rollforming over 30' eave heights, panel laps are a thing of the past.

NEW! Tapered Panels

CTMRS now has the capability to run our of our standing seam profiles with tapered pans. Traditionally tapered panels have had to be hand formed on a metal break, increasing cost and limiting panel availability. With our new machine we can rollform panels, more efficiently and with more precision than ever before.

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