Green Building

Many opportunities exist in both new construction and renovation to provide a more energy-efficient building. Green building has been, and continues to be, a significant and exciting development in the construction industry over the past decade.

Green building has been a growing concern over the past decade. Both new construction and renovation projects can benefit from these energy-efficient methods.

Metal roofing benefits both the environment and your pocket book. CTMRS's metal roofs are energy efficient, sustainable, durable, and recycable. Our panels are produced with 25 percent or more recycled content and are 100 percent recyclable. Reflective and emissive, metal roofing keeps more heat from entering the building during the day and lets heat escape at night, allowing for less interior cooling costs. We proudly offer Energy Star approved colors for pitches of 2:12 and greater.

The sources below can provide more information to help determine what materials and methods can provide the greatest value of Green.

Roof Top Rollforming

CTMRS now has on-site, on-roof job site roll forming capabilities for standing seam panels. With our specially built Hi-lift roll forming truck capable roll forming over 30' eave heights, panel laps are a thing of the past.

Go Green! Go Metal!
Go Green!

A metal roof is one of the most sustainable and energy efficient roof coverings on the market. With tax credits still in place and find out how a Cool Metal Roof can help you save the planet and save money.more >>

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